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Designer Jewelry: A Guide to Selecting What’s Right for You

Designer Jewelry

Maybe you’re intrigued by designer jewelry in general, or perhaps you’ve fallen hard for one particular line — here’s how to make it work with the rest of your jewelry wardrobe.

You might be in the market for a little sparkle or ready to take your look to the next level. Whether you’re an old hand at collecting designer jewelry or you want to step it up by adding some more goodies to your jewelry box, it’s not always simple meshing your style of dress with designer pieces and ending up with a cohesive jewelry wardrobe.

Your favorite designer’s pieces echo the style of your wardrobe — be it sleek and modern, vintage-inspired or ornate and jewel-toned.

There are several strategies for collecting designer jewelry, whether you’re just starting your collection or you’re a veteran fancier and just need to hone and edit your look a little bit. 

Collecting one designer

If you’ve fallen in love with the work of one particular jewelry designer, there’s no reason to “play the field” if you don’t want to. You’ll know that a certain designer really resonates with you if you find yourself drawn to their pieces again and again, if you follow their career, and check your favorite jewelry stores and websites to see if there’s anything new.

Your favorite designer’s pieces echo the style of your wardrobe — be it sleek and modern, vintage-inspired or ornate and jewel-toned. Want to keep collecting the work of your top designer? Join the mailing list to be among the first to know about trunk shows, limited-edition collections and sales. If your friends and family know how much you love your favorite, bonus — your collection will grow on birthdays and holidays. In short, if you love a designer, stick with it and amass an amazing collection.

Collecting one style

When shopping for clothing, if you look for fashion that has a really defined style, perhaps that should extend to your jewelry too. When choosing designer pieces, do you stick to a theme in its design, such as chunky silver, feminine and ornate pieces or raw, unpolished gemstones?

Sticking to a certain style of designer jewelry is like walking down Easy Street every day. Once you’ve decided what your jewelry style is, then all you have to do is seek it out wherever you go — there’s your favorite jeweler, of course, but you can also keep an eye out for your favorite type of bauble at vintage stores, craft fairs and more. Wear one particular style of jewelry and it will instantly define your look, and make you appear pulled together at all times. 


If you can’t decide on just one designer or one particular style, you’ll still be able to collect designer jewelry. Are you a woman who feels preppy one day, but like a princess on another day? Well, there’s nothing wrong with embracing your eclectic side, and even if the core of your jewelry wardrobe consists of designer jewelry, you can really spice it up by collecting some fun pieces in less likely places like antique shops, department stores or estate sales. Try combining a diamond tennis bracelet with a few freshwater pearl bracelets; you can even add a leather wrap bracelet to make a stack that’s fashionable and fun. Layer your real gold chains with fun colored beads or a stylish pendant — the sky is the limit. Just remember to not add too many elements to one “look” or you’ll just look confused. 

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