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Signature Pieces: Shopping for Jewelry that Helps You Stand Out

Signature Pieces: Shopping for Jewelry that Helps You Stand Out

Find out how to perfect a signature jewelry style that will make you stand out.

When it comes to fashion, jewelry may be the best way to complete an outfit. It makes you feel your best, takes your look to the next level and helps you stand out from the crowd.

There are so many choices, so many looks and so many price points that developing your own jewelry style — one that elevates the clothing you wear every day — takes a bit of care and judgment. If you’ve been collecting jewelry for a while, you may not be sure how to incorporate more than one or two of your many diverse pieces into an outfit.

If you’re just starting your jewelry wardrobe, you may want to collect pieces that look good worn one at a time or several at once.

When looking for ways to hone your style, consider having a signature piece you wear constantly. There are many ways to achieve this:

  • Stick to one type, like pins or bracelets.
  • Stick to one element, such as gold or pearls.
  • Stick to one style, from classic to post-modern.
  • Stick to one piece, wearing it everywhere and anywhere.

Your signature jewelry: by type

Choose one type of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, and make that your signature piece. To take it to the next level, consider paring down this look even more: if you’re going to wear only bracelets, for instance, choose a signature bracelet like a thin gold bangle. Bangles can be found in many designs, with charms, without charms — and they look great worn one at a time or stacked by the dozen. You’ll always be the woman with the fantastic armful of gold.

If you decide rings will be your signature piece, perhaps you want to wear several at once, all in the same metal. Or collect thin rings channel set with different colors of gemstones, and stack them several to a finger. Choosing one type of jewelry and sticking to it will really help hone your signature look. 

Your signature jewelry: one element

This is all about choosing one thing you want all your jewelry to feature. Pearls are a great way to go for this signature. Whether you’re wearing long, layered strands of cultured pearls, freshwater pearl bracelets, a large South Sea pearl ring or an heirloom pearl pin, you’ll always be the pearl girl. Pearls can and do go with every style of dress, from preppy to hippie.

Another signature element could be your metal. If you choose one metal for all of your jewelry, you’ll create a unifying theme for all the pieces, which will automatically make them much easier to coordinate and wear together. A gold bangle worn with a gold charm bracelet and a gold signet ring is an eclectic look that isn’t too crazy because all the metal matches. 

Your signature jewelry: one style

If you look through your closet and you see one main style, such as mostly vintage pieces or lots of classic cashmere or plenty of denim and black leather, extend your look through your jewelry. Fans of the preppy look will want to stick to pearls and monograms in delicate gold. If you rock the rocker chic, combine diamonds with leather, and don’t forget the chains! If vintage is your vibe, extend the look with family heirlooms and vintage-looking new jewelry, from filigree to deeply hued gemstones. Whatever your style, it becomes your signature when you wear a lot of it, including jewelry. 

Your signature jewelry: one piece

If you’re a fashion minimalist and don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping and dressing, but still want a signature jewelry style, consider wearing just one signature piece of jewelry — one you’ll become known for — seven days a week. This is a bold look — everyone can probably recall at least one woman they know who does this — because it tends to be pretty unforgettable.

Whether it’s a big, bold, hammered gold cuff, a multi-strand pearl necklace or a chunky, raw gemstone ring, this signature style is not for the timid. In this case, a very large portion of your jewelry budget can go toward one piece, and spending more on one thing will make you want to wear it every day! Keep in mind that your signature piece will need to be versatile enough to go with every outfit, while being bold enough to really shine as your signature.

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