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Diamond Designs: Buying Diamonds for Fashion

Diamond Designs: Buying Diamonds for Fashion

If you think diamonds are just for engagements, weddings and anniversaries, it’s time to think again. Fine fashionable diamond jewelry is a wonderful choice, and diamonds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, cuts and colors. But because diamonds are so often associated with the romance and symbolism of lives joined together forever, it can be hard to break free of the idea that diamonds are anything other than marriage gifts.

But that’s no reason to remove such an absolutely gorgeous gemstone from your options of gifts for others or for yourself. Jewelry fashions are constantly changing, and designers keep finding new and interesting ways to incorporate diamonds into their work.

A great way to wear a diamond ring that doesn’t compete with your engagement ring is to sport a completely different style or add some color.

A strong case can be made for “anytime” diamond purchases when you approach it from the concept of style and building your jewelry wardrobe.

Making a style statement

It wasn’t all that long ago that diamonds were usually either solitaires in a setting or accents to other gemstones. But designers have learned to enhance the beauty of larger diamonds in countless mounting choices and a variety of metals, including platinum, silver and all colors of gold.

You can make a fashion statement with diamonds by taking advantage of colors other than white, either alone or mixing. A ring, necklace or bracelet that mixes black and white diamonds creates a focal point. Yellow diamonds, alone or paired with white, are both totally on trend and effortlessly classic. A mix of brown and white pavé diamonds in a rose gold setting is warm and wonderful.  

Companies are creating exciting fashion settings in modern to heirloom-style looks. You can find chic new designs that take their influences from Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times, as well as Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Also, fashion houses and designers have partnered with diamond companies to develop designer jewelry in both bridal and fashion lines. So if you have a favorite designer, you’ve got an easy go-to for engagement rings, wedding rings and beyond. (Go figure: They discovered that once we love a jewelry brand, we often stick with it.)

There are many ways to make fine diamond jewelry the perfect gift for any occasion. With earrings at the core of nearly every American woman’s jewelry collection, classic diamond hoops make a beautiful selection. Other classics to consider include diamond studs, the tennis bracelet and large diamond cuffs with solid pavé or openwork.

Contemporary- and modern-style designs expand your choices exponentially. How about celebrating the swan-like neck of a thoroughly modern woman with a 22-inch pendant necklace?

You’ve got two hands

A diamond ring doesn’t have to be — or look like — an engagement ring. Some women are concerned about taking the focus off of their engagement rings: Will people be confused if I wear another diamond with it? A great way to wear a diamond ring that doesn’t compete with your engagement ring is to sport a completely different style or add some color.

Is your engagement ring modern? Then how about a vintage-style ring? Art Deco’s linear and symmetrical style complements more modern designs. For something more “fashion-y,” you might try a diamond ring that hits a trend that’s also a classic look, such as color-blocking black and white. That ring with black and white diamonds makes a bold statement that works with your strong black and white fashions, yet will never go out of style and can be worn with just about everything else. Have a favorite color? You can find diamonds in yellow, green, blue and purple.

Multiply it

While a design set around a spectacular diamond is truly exciting in the right designer’s hands, groupings of smaller diamonds can create great sparkle and radiance. A simple teardrop becomes stunning in a pendant. There are also combinations of different cuts of diamonds that are grouped to create a statement piece.

Color your world

When looking for fashionable diamond pieces, open your eyes to the rainbow of colors available. Natural color diamonds are rare and come with a high price tag. Color-enhanced diamonds get their colors from a combination of high pressure and high temperature that replicates the conditions that cause diamonds to change color deep underground. The treatment is permanent, and the prices are lower for treated diamonds in colors like yellow, green, blue or pink, making them ideal for fashionable diamond jewelry.

Natural brown and champagne color diamonds can make another color splash. Singly or combined with other colors, jewelry with these diamonds create an earthy-yet-dazzling look. Brown diamonds are especially warm and beautiful when set in rose gold.

Fashion loves diamonds — just look at pictures from the runways, style bloggers and magazines. Putting together a high-style look with diamond jewelry is a great way for any woman to feel like she’s strutting the catwalk at Fashion Week, even if she’s simply walking the hallways at work or running errands.

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